Misfit Heights will Premiere at GenCon 2012

We were accepted into the GenCon Film Festival and will premiere our puppet zombie musical during GenCon 2012 in Indianapolis.  We are very excited to show our film and can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction.  After the showing there will be a talkback with the filmmakers James Burzelic and Daniel Grzeskowiak.  Right now the schedule has not been released so we don’t know what day or time it will be playing.  We will post it as soon as we know.

We are looking for other theaters to show our film and hoping to find a few different ones around the United States.  Our first choices are Wisconsin(where it was filmed), Omaha(where our producer lives), and Los Angeles(where our Director lives).  From there, we hope to show it at any theater we can.  So if you know of one, or own one, that would be willing to show an independent film about puppets singing about eating brains; contact us.


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