New schedule and a little story

We are still hard at work to get Misfit Heights finished and in the festival circuit. However, sound will take a little longer than expected because there is a lot more to do than we initially planned for. When you film a movie with the great idea of recording all the voices, effects, and music in post, you add many months of work to your production. Our new finish date will be in January of 2012. But I will leave you with a little production story.

We had finally finished our restaurant scenes and decided to move on to our first apartment scene. We built the set and realized we needed a couch. Where else to you get scenery for a low budget movie… goodwill. We set up the scene, filmed for the day and left for dinner. When we got back we discovered that our couch had residence. Two small mice that were hiding in the couch. To evict them, we carried the couch outside and pulled off the cushions. They still would not leave so we took a knife and cut up the back of the couch to find them. Eventually, using a flashlight in the dark, we were able to grab them and send them off into the real world. So if you look at our pictures on facebook, one of them shows us searching for mice.

No animals were harmed in the making of this film. Only puppets.