Premiere Weekend

The weekend is almost here and “Misfit Heights” will premiere at GenCon this Friday at 10:00p, and Saturday at 6:00pm. More seats are available during the Friday showing. Not only will we be showing our film off, but we are also now selling T-Shirts. But due to strict sales policies at GenCon, we will not be able to sell shirts directly. However, they are available through Unfettered Entertainment’s online store! And if you run into us at GenCon, ask us for the coupon code to get free shipping!

One thought on “Premiere Weekend”

  1. Sorry my wife and I missed the screening Friday night – we were just wiped after running our booth all that day, with 2 days still to come. I hope it was successful, and had good feedback. If it ends up showing in Phoenix, please let me know, we were bummed not to see it.


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