Promo Trailer

I started updating our profile and press kit for Misfit Heights so we can submit it to festivals and get it listed on I uploaded the promo trailer and you can now watch it on, yet they still won’t let us make a movie page for it. Will have to wait a bit longer for that. Here’s the link for the promo:

IMDB Promo

It’s also hard to input everyone’s real credits on because they have no category for puppeteers. I might have to list everyone as supporting actors or wait until we get an IMDB page and add them later. That’s probably better as I won’t have to make corrections later, I can just do it the right way the second time.

I’m currently researching festivals and have picked a few out. One that I want to go to is the Gen Con Film Festival, but it has a late deadline of May 1st and we are still setting up our music composer so I don’t know if we can finish by that time. I would like to set it as our unofficial deadline, but would like to give the composer more time as I want the music to be as good as possible. We’ll see what we can do when we talk to the composer.

I received the file needed from our artist to make our t-shirts but couldn’t open it for some reason. So once we figure out what went wrong we will start getting those made. I’m hoping to have them ready and for sale by our unofficial deadline(May 1).